Monday, April 9, 2012

It's that time again

So. even though I'm officially the worst blogger ever, I'm still going to do the every-three-an-a-half--months-there's-this-thing-called-finals post.

I really don't know why this happens. I know that finals are coming. Like winter, but with a definite end.

But. Instead of just posting "Oh shit I have so much to do let me tell you about it" post(s), I will post "Oh glob I can't wait until summer here's what I'm going to do once I'm free"


1. Read Game of Thrones. Possibly the other books in the series as well.

2. Get caught on my TV- Merlin and Bones and Vampire Diaries come to mind.

3. Possibly start watching Dr Who.

4. Read all the Shakespeare plays I haven't read already.

5. Prepare for The Avengers premier by buying a strawberry blonde wig (I'm gonna be Pepper Potts).

6. Redecorate my bedroom.

7. Sunbathe. Possibly crash someone's pool on a regular basis.

8. Actually take a class that is not only relevant to my interests, but also adds substantial information to that interest.

9. Watch Sherlock until I puke rainbows.

10. Start on my thesis. Which isn't technically super fun, but I'm excited for it.

I thought about putting pictures. and then I didn't. sorry.


  1. Excellent approach. This list has inspired me to make my own. You'll be here all summer, right? Howz about we add to our lists regular lunch dates?

    1. Caryn- yay! lists of freedom! I will be here all summer, only leaving for the occasional weekend road trip. AND YES LUNCH DATES.

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